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Home School Classes

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Below is some of what I have done with Home School students. 

Logic and Problem Solving

Math can be fun! Basic math skills are studied and practiced as we play with logic and numbers, algebra and puzzles. Tutorial help and lessons with math from your curriculum will be integrated if you bring it.

History and Creative Writing
Travel the world through time and explore various styles of writing all the while. Interesting stories from history, along with geography and related facts, are drawn from for material to write about. Every class there will be a new era to learn about or a presentaion period for students to enhance the lessons with their own projects.

Experimentation and Discovery
The Scientific Method and Invention are explored and encouraged. Students will have lessons about scientists, and inventors; enjoy doing class experiments; and develop their own science projects.

Hands-On Art History
Students will enjoy making art like the artists we study in a survey of art from ancient to modern times. With consideration for the era, and the type of artwork, we will focus intently on methods and materials to make work that relates meaningfully to the art, in order to develop new levels of understanding. Each experience will offer insight about the art, the artist, his or her method and ideas, and how it all related to what was happening at that period in history.

Real Life Skills - At Home
Lessons will teach skills to build self-reliance and confidence with trying new things. Topics will include plants & nature; arts & crafts; food, nutrition & cooking; and basic building skills.

Real Life Skills - Out in the World
Lessons aim to kindle the desire and know-how to make opportunities and a positive difference. Concepts of planning, strategy, working, and flexibility will be practiced. Topics will include some basic economics, business, and entrepreneurial skills; teaching free enterprise and financial literacy with a community consciousness that takes social awareness and service for others into account.

Call if you are interested in setting up a private class or a group.

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