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Bilton Arts: Carmen's Academy

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Carmen's Academy of Creativity and Goodness

Eutawville, SC

Students at Carmen’s Academy are encouraged to be creative in all subjects, developing the ability to think through problem solving, and be actively involved in the learning process in a way that makes it enjoyable - and keeps it interesting - so that students are inspired to want to learn, to do good, and to be the best they can be.


A school where creative problem solving helps in achieving excellence in all subjects, and doing good means more...

- Learning by doing
- Gaining new skills
- Working to improve
- Gaining self-confidence
- Having a good time
- Arts-rich curriculum
- Flexible & varied lessons
- Individual & group projects
- Supportive instruction
- Respectful behavior required


Art Workshops

Carmen has worked with students at schools and programs across SC creating sculpture, murals, and teaching basic art. Pictured above: An over-life-size mixed media sculpture of a boy and his cat sitting in a chair that a group of youth made at Orangeburg Arts Center under Carmen's Guidance. WHAT FUN! An impressive permanent artwork for the Art Center in Orangeburg, SC, and great lessons, friendships and memories for the students who got to participate! *** Congratulations to former Carmen's Academy student, Ashley, who graduated from the SC Governor's School of the Arts. What a great honor! What great work you did there! *** Art Workshops

About the teacher


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About Carmen

FALL 2013


Please contact if you are interested in Fall Drama or Film-making.

Music Lessons


BILTON ARTS STUDIO Private Music Instruction with Chris Bilton

Music Lessons

Home School


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